About the Council

The Custom Builder’s Council was founded over 20 years ago by the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association to pool expertise and resources for these specialized builders. Today, 30 plus council members strong, their collective effort has influenced industry, advanced home building infill and contributed significantly to charitable organizations. There is a thorough screening process that members go through to gain an invitation for membership. The result is piece of mind that you are working with a credible builder insuring a positive, properly managed home building process.

Unified goals of CBC members include unyielding customer satisfaction, substantial longevity in the industry and enduring relationships with peers. We stress the importance of sound business practices that place the customer first with punctual follow through during every step of the construction process. Our members have extended tenures in the construction industry while fortifying a “do it right the first time” objective. Our peer network expands the knowledge base, subcontractor base and supplier/product base significantly beyond a single company’s bounds. Lastly, it is our intent to network positive feedback, quality vendors and create dialog to share attributes and advancing views.

Financial Strengths
Council members are screened for financial strength, a fundamental necessity for most family’s primary and largest financial investment. The piece of mind that your builder will be around for the long haul should be paramount in the decision making process.

As members we support NVBIA, The Home Builder Association of VA (HBAV) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). So our reach is Countrywide even though our efforts are local. As grass roots advocates for local cooperation and change, many of our members actively pursue advancements in local legislation and county initiatives directly with local decision makers. Additionally, we’ve worked extensively with local utilities like Dominion Power and Washington Gas to keep construction costs to a minimum which can then be passed onto the home buyer/owner.

Charitable Endeavors
The Custom Builders Council has partnered with many charitable organizations, but most notably “Home Aid Northern Virginia” which has created homeless shelters and transitional houses exceeding 12.4 million over 96 projects since its inception in 2001.

In addition, our members have contributed time and financial resources to many local schools, youth organizations, and health research projects. We’ve also donated “to be demolished” homes to local volunteer fire departments and non-profit reclaim companies that take down the old house components to resell.

Council Qualities
The list of attributes goes on and on, but our unified goals remain the same. Create enduring quality homes for our clients, build with the integrity of pride, and give back to the community, the industry, and those in need.